The Centre and the annexed Aquaculture Pilot Plant have been built thanks to a grant of 5 M€ from the EC in the framework of the Community Initiative “PESCA”.

The Marine Aquaculture and Fishery Research Centre represents the experimental pole of Università del Salento for research, technological transfer, innovation and training in the sectors of fisheries and aquaculture.

The Centre, by making available research facilities, instrumentation, advanced technology, libraries and highly qualified personnel, candidates itself as a reference point for the vast area of the South of Italy and for the neighbour countries in the Mediterranean area.

Tecno.s.e.a. srl has his operative headquarters at the Marine Aquaculture and Fishery Research Centre of Acquatina, Università del Salento where, thanks to a specific agreement with Università del Salento, it makes use of offices and research facilities and instrumentation.