“Acquatina” is a natural coastal wetland of about 100 hectares located on the Adriatic side of the Salento peninsula, 13 km far from the city of Lecce (Apulia, Italy) in the village of Frigole.

The area, now recognised as a site of Community importance (pSIC) called “Aquatina di Frigole” (code IT9150003), is a property of the Department of Biological and Environmental Science and Technology of Università del Salento, and is characterised by the presence of the typical Mediterranean “macchia”, the salt marsh and of several species of spontaneous orchids.

Since several years, an extensive program of training activities and guided tours for students and citizens has been developed in the area.

To promote the site fruition, a naturalistic pathway has been specifically designed with the aim to give to the visitors, learning and leisure opportunities.

Training sessions, stages, seminars, student exchange and courses, at various professional level, are also organised on demand.