SMAC is an electronic system for monitoring and control used in aquaculture plants to automatise the control of production parameters such as water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, dissolved CO2, etc.. The most relevant characteristic of SMAC is the adoption of the PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) technology instead of the traditional PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which is commonly used in the field. The main advantages of this new technology respect to the PLC are:
  • significant cut of hardware components, including the connection wires and cables;
  • programming capacities almost unlimited;
  • wide range and typology of controllable signals, included dynamic imaging;
  • nearly unlimited customisability;
  • remote monitoring and control by any internet connected computer;
  • possibility to connect any sensor/actuator (digital and or analogic) without need of hardware reconfiguration.
These features mean reduction of investment and maintenance costs and higher efficiency in the management of the production plant respect to traditional monitoring and control systems.

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